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In the information age, where businesses market their products and services world-wide on the Internet, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to create distinctive, protectable brands that avoid infringing on the trademarks of others. Phil has deep experience dealing with these sorts of issues, helping minimize the risk of having to re-brand because of conflicts with other mark holders. 


Although filing a trademark application may seem to some like a simple application process, trademark law is actually very nuanced and can be a trap for the unwary. The regulations governing the process are very picky and complex. A simple mistake can prejudice your rights. Phil has filed hundreds of applications and can help guide you through the complicated process, from screening and selection of a mark through registration and enforcement.

Phil Free is an Oklahoma trademark attorney. He files state and federal trademark applications and handles most routine registration matters on a competitive, flat-fee basis. For each application, he performs a legal classification of the goods and/or services and a search of the USPTO trademark database for conflicting marks.

Phil also helps businesses defend against unwarranted claims of trademark infringement, which can often be resolved with a well-reasoned response letter.

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